My Work Style

Think4ad is one of the leading In-Shop branding agencies in India. We execute retail branding activities for a huge number of companies in India and follow a strict process. The steps are as follows:



Our experienced team visits the location beforehand to take measurements, click pictures and understand how the installation will happen on site.


Creative adaptation and approval

After we have the sizes, we adapt a single creative provided by the client into various sizes for various stores and morph them onto actual images of the store. This gives the client a very good idea about how their store would look after installation. The visual merchandizes then approve or suggest changes in the layouts.



Once the morphing is approved, our production starts. We have one of the largest infrastructure in the country for manufacturing of promotional prints, signage and other POS material.


Transportation to different locations

Since we deal with a lot MNCs and corporate with presence all over India, we service all parts of the country. Our installation teams travel far and wide and complete campaign executions in the least possible time. Sometimes the material is also sent through logistic agencies depending on the material and location to optimize costs. These plans are always shared with the client team.



The skilled installation team has over 50 people who are on our payroll and work in all locations across to deliver quality and timely service. They then click pictures and get verification forms signed.


Pictures and support documents provided

These pictures and forms are then provided to client for billing and verification purposes. We are one of the most experienced and organized players in the market for such activities and have helped tens of brands with their retail inshop branding needs. Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more how we can help you.